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nobü won the highly sought “XBIZ” trophy for “Best New Pleasure Products Company Of The Year”

Basic Information

Nobü is an international high-end brand of personal pleasure products designed in Japan.

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They are here now !

503 St Georges,
St. Jerome, QC,


Best New Pleasure Products Company Of The Year

These products are constructed with innovative shapes, using the finest medical grade silicones, the most powerful vibrating motors and top quality electronic circuit boards to control all the features and programs. Ranging from 1 to 3 motors, these ergonomically designed toys are whisper quiet, and most are rechargeable via USB connections.

nobü offers a wide range of products with distinct new technologies never seen before; including temperature sensor systems, touch sensitive systems, sound sensitive systems, and other innovative ideas that are guaranteed to please.

Nobü won the highly sought “XBIZ” trophy for “Best New Pleasure Products Company Of The Year” at the 2014 Awards, and is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing boutique brand companies in the industry. In fact, at the July 2014 Storerotica Awards, nobü received a triple nomination,

Best Boutique Brand of the Year

XBIZ Awards

Best Product Design

XBIZ Awards

(for its very cute Swani model), and

Best Foreign Distributor of the year

XBIZ Awards

Established in 2011, nobü’s talented R & D team has been carefully researching, designing and manufacturing new and innovative technologies, bringing the next generation of pleasure products to consumer marketplaces, all around the world. nobü’s modern and minimalist approach when it comes to the design and conception of its packaging, coupled with its exceptional attention to detail and obsession with perfection make it the new kid on the block that everyone wants to imitate but never equal.

Nobü’s core mission is to offer you the best value, the most innovative and elegant pleasure products in the marketplace as well as a range of refined massage oils and candles. We will spare no effort to succeed in our goal to bring you the best variety of quality products for your personal pleasure and sexual wellness.

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